Forearm tattoo – Advantages and Disadvantages

Nowadays, the forearm tattoo has been popular. And today, we are going to take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this tattoo.

1. Advantages

1.1.Suitable for any shape of your forearm

Everybody will love to have a forearm tattoo regardless of their very small arms,  chubby arms, or muscle arms. The beauty of the tattoo will be fully shown on this part of your body and catch the attention of people around you.

1.2. Being cool – Forearm tattoo

The second pro is that the tattoo on your forearm makes you look in front of everybody’s eyes especially when you are a fan of T-shirts. If you have a tattoo in the upper place on your arm, it cannot be visible. So, this tattoo is a perfect position to show your tattoo.

Some tips: It is recommended that getting your first tattoo is on your forearm instead of fingers because it isn’t that painful.

1.3. Very simple to heal

An additional advantage of this tattoo is to be really easy to heal because you get easy access to it like you have one free hand to touch the other, so for any healing method, it will be simple and will not touch your clothes. Compared to the tattoo on back, this is much easier.

2. Disadvantages

2.1. Incomplete look – forearm tattoo

Despite this tattoo’s pro, it also has some cons that you should take into account before getting it. The first one is that it is quite challenging to have your tattoo look exactly what you want because of the skin surface.

For the tattoo on your back, you can see the whole tattoo because it has a flat surface, but for this tattoo, you cannot see it completely especially for the big one. So, when you want to look the whole thing, you need to move around and twist your arms.

2.2. Visible – forearm tattoo

It’s a pro as I said above, but sometimes it can become a con. You know when you have a job that requires not to have a tattoo, it’s would be annoying because this one is easy to be seen.

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