Fresh and cute orange makeup look for summer

In this simple tutorial, we are going to find out how to have a fresh and cute orange makeup look.

Step 1: Orange makeup look

Let’s start to apply the Menard primer to your skin after you clean and moisture it.

Step 2:

Use orange shade from the NYX palette to cover the dark circles under the eyes and the purple color to cover areas around our lips. Then, apply the green one to remove redness around the nose

Step 3:

Apply L’oreal True Matte Foundation, which fit your skin color, and concealer from Maybelline New York

to cover dark circles and highlight the face.

Step 4: Orange makeup look

Moving onto the next step,  add a little bit of the yellow color from the same palette to your under the eye lines. This is the darkest part, the yellow color will remove the darkness. Use the brown one to contour two sides of your nose bridge, and then apply your favorite powder to set everything in.

Step 5:

Use the Peripera eyebrow pencil for the eyebrows. Then, put on some mascara in order to lighten the brows’ color

Use I’m Meme Eye palette. Apply nude brown eyeshadow all over the lids and the orange tone to your inner and outer corners with fingers. Then, use a blending brush to blend out the two colors. Next, add a glittering nude eyeshadow to the center of your lids and lower lash lines.

Curl your lashes up and put on some mascara to finish the eye makeup.

Step 6:

Apply the orange shade to brighten up your cheeks and some highlighter to make your face bright and fresh.

Step 7: Orange makeup look

For this very last step, apply the orange lipstick from Eglips to your entire lips. That’s how we achieve a fresh and cute makeup look for this summer.

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