Get The Magical Spirit With The Magnificent Unicorn Nail Designs

For mystical creatures these days unicorns are sure to get lots of face time. From unicorn cupcakes to Frappuccinos to … pizza? Believe it or not, some etheric nail art looks we’ve whipped up are unicorn nail designs for you to try.

Thus, break out the palette of rainbows, pastels, iridescent topcoats, and micro glitter. Making unicorn nail designs a part of your life is a must-have for you and you should get it right now.

unicorn-nails-design-cover1-1 Get The Magical Spirit With The Magnificent Unicorn Nail Designs

Pastel Watercolor Rainbow

Love colors like pastels? You need to check those nails out then. Most of the nails are a light, pastel-pink, and blue accent nails shade. Also, the two accent nails have two different kinds of glitter placed above the top. This is such a sparkly and cute idea. It will suit all shapes and lengths of the nail.

Unicorn Nail Designs: Nail Art

The adorable unicorn nail designs have the best of hand-painted nail art to offer. Fabricated in vivid pastels, stars in gold glitter polish accent this design. The sweetest feature of this unique design is the face of a unicorn with its eyes closed and blushing cheeks. For a child, a teen, or anyone with a youthful sense of style, that design would be great.

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Iridescent Chrome Polish

Looking for nails inspired by a chic unicorn? That idea is for you, then! Here we have long nails painted in a light iridescent, chromium color. Those are so enchanting and magical. Recreate something similar to these or perhaps add an elegant, but bold look in a unicorn horn accent nail in the same color.

Unicorn Nail Designs: 3D Unicorn

Then we got a very glam idea. Some of the nails were painted in the nude while the others are a vibrant pink gleam. A 3D gold-tone unicorn has been placed on one of the nails to finish off the look. One such gold unicorn is stunning and stylish. You can use a small unicorn bead or charm to create the look yourself, and stick it on your nails.

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