Get To Know The Meaning Of The Powerful Samurai Tattoo Designs

The samurai tattoo designs symbolize the very qualities of strength and courage that the noble samurai identifies with. We make outstanding tattoo designs to wear on your body due to this and their amazing detail work. Other design elements that belong to the Japanese culture can be used to embellish the tattoo.

The warrior culture and the samurai ‘s actions inspired by Zen Buddhism dates back to the 12th Century. As such, samurai tattoos may have several different meanings. Here are some of the commonest meanings behind this style of tattoos:

Samurai-Tattoo1-1 Get To Know The Meaning Of The Powerful Samurai Tattoo Designs


Traditionally, samurai is a word male. As such it is also indicative of masculinity to include them in tattoos. That said, there were some women who had been practicing and fighting as samurai.

Samurai Tattoo Designs: Bravery

These stoic guerrillas have been admired for their bravery and abilities. So, ncorporating one of them on your skin will mean your own courage or give you some of it.


The honor was an important concept in Japanese society. Samurai associates with honor through their absolute obedience and followership in Bushido.

Samurai Tattoo Designs: Nobility

The real samurai belonged to the aristocratic class. They had to be born into aristocracy, not just anybody could become a samurai. Samurai tattoos as such can indicate nobility.

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These warriors are internationally legendary for their rank and skill as warriors above all else. People also choose these tattoos to display their own fighting spirit, take on obstacles in their own lives, or conquer them.

Samurai Tattoo Designs: Life and Death

The samurai also deals with life and death. It is because of both their fighting lives as well as the way Bushido does. A popular quote from the samurai is, “whoever clings to life dies, and those who defy death live.”


The Japanese warrior has a high discipline. It allowed them to gain control over their bodies, minds, and hone their abilities. Furthermore, a Bushi tattoo can inspire or reflect discipline in one’s own life.

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