Get Yourself Inspired By These Wild And Rage Zebra Nail Designs

Zebra nail designs are one of the main trends for a revival in nail art. It’s very much here to stay, becoming a little less common than other animal prints. It has created several different combinations, with colors, textures, finishes, and effects playing around.

Embrace your wild side and be inspired by these nail designs that we’ve found on social media inspired by zebra print. For you to check out, we have rounded up the zebra nail designs below!

Animal Designed Nails

The zebra print has made a massive comeback as a fashion trend, along with other animal design trends. They’re everywhere: on luggage, on shoes, on dresses, on accessories, and on nails, of course. A great way to make your fashion statement without any hassle is the zebra nail designs.

You’ll see quite a lot of animal prints if you look around at the various fashion trends. Zebra printing is often ignored, however. While most people think the zebra stripes are black and white, your zebra print nails are not limited to that. You can literally try almost any mixture of colors.

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The Wild Zebra Nail Designs

The zebra designs do not actually look like a true zebra in white and black but come in a bold rainbow color palette. Cyan, mauve, pink, and purples are all perfect shades for designer nails and zebra stripes to flash. Nail stripes produce a dramatic look in a combination of black and another color.

A part of the nail is often filled with a solid color and the rest of the nail is designed with stripes of zebra. Only the upper part of the nail is often painted, and the other half is left empty. Sometimes, the zebra nails are replaced by polka dots. In order to make the design even more appealing, glitter is also applied. Glitter may be silver or golden. Speaking of silver, when the foundation is made of sparkling silver, the zebra nails look incredible. Zebra nails, sexy and bursting with imagination, are a bold trend in the nail fashion world.

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