Growing Green Onions in Water

by Hong Diep
Growing Green Onions in Water

Growing Green Onions in Water

Noodles, Salads and Pasta or even much more, there’re so many recipes in which you can try green onions. Isn’t it better to grow them fresh in your home? Growing green onions in water is super easy, too. You don’t need a garden for this; all you need is a sunny windowsill, transparent jar or glass and green onion bulbs.

From the next time whenever you buy a bunch of green onions, don’t throw away their root part. You can use these to regrow your own green onions from scrap.

Growing Green Onions in Water

1. Chop up the onion leaves but save the bulbs with at least an inch of green part left above them.

2. Take a transparent, clean jar or glass through which sunlight can penetrate easily. Fill it half with water and put those bulbs in it with the roots facing down. You can put as many bulbs you want in the glass but don’t cram that up.

3. Place the glass on a warm and sunny windowsill that receives at least four hour of sunlight. Remember to change water every other day, within two-three days, you’ll see the roots growing and shoots forming.


After a week or two your onion bulbs will sprout up plenty of young green leaves of about 6 to 8 inches. You can chop them off as much you want and leave them again in the jar so that they’ll regrow again.
This way you can harvest green onions 2-3 times.

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