Guide on Meanings, History, and Best Placement of Feather Tattoo

Tattoo is a very intimate way of communicating. For all kinds of reasons, people get feather tattoos and every person carries the meaning behind them. It may be a work of art, a meaningful mark, or a special homage.

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Feather tattoo is one of the most common kinds of tattoos. Moreover, feathers are also a spectacular emblem of independence and elegance, like the birds from which they come. In fact, we can find feathers in any type, size, and color. There are no two feathers alike, just like there are no two identical tattoos.

History of feather tattoos

Feathers are one of the most significant symbols for many cultures in the world. To be specific, feathers manifested gods and divinities in ancient Egypt. From above, additionally, they were regarded as a warning. It is quite similar to the American Native beliefs where feathers, often the strongest warriors, were a gift from the sky.

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In the past, females have magical powers in ancient Celtic times. Feathers allegedly had the power to bring people to different planes of life, like the world of the spirit, as a sign of good luck. People also consider them as worlds in Celtic tattoos.


First of all, the symbol of this liberation is feather tattoo.

This is a way to prove you are stretching and flying your own wings. Besides, birds don’t get scared when they fly in the sky. Therefore, you just head to the sky courageously. Feathers, like the cherry blossom tattoo, capture this excitation and independence of spirit.

They are a symbol of connection to culture in many different customs around the world. Feather Tattoo has reinforced one’s connection with Nature in the Native American and Celtic cultures, which is why this is a tattoo shared by many mothers and girls. As a result, a feather tattoo is a way to express your liberation and nature love.

Best Designs of Feather Tattoo

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