Helix Tattoos Are Now a Thing and You’re Going to Be Obsessed

Piercings of the ears? Everyone has em. But you can only think about a new stud with so much enthusiasm. Daith piercings have piqued your curiosity for a minute, but you’re outtie, the second is to fashion highway mannequins with daiths.

Your love of ear decorations is never going to die. Forget the tucked in, tattle behind the ear, because there’s a new inking in the area, and you’ll get on this train.

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Now, (finally) somebody has heard your call for something fresh and innovative because you’re all ears and undoubtedly you’re a beautiful piece of auricle art.

What is Helix Tattoos and Why everyone gets obsessed with them?

A small and tiny tattoo, known as the helix. I, inked right on the ear’s curve, but tattoo artists excel with the creation of spectacular floral designs in the impossibly limited room. The result is nuanced, delicate, fresh, and lovely than any perforation. Yeah, yeah, new body art in the summer.

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Obviously, on Instagram, a new helix tattoo appears every day, it’s already becoming one. It seems to favor minimalists particularly because it’s the perfect place to live.

But who needs ear piercings if you can have a helix tattoo if you are thinking about improving your ears too soon?

Scroll down for more pics of Helix Tattoos. Before you get to your reliable artists, fill your minds with plenty of images to have inspiration. First, pick your favorite style. Then, you can dive into your favorite figures. It can be anything you like such as floral patterns, pets, your typography. Choose the color you want. Make an appointment and you’re ready to go. Good luck my gals!

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