Here’s What Getting Your First Tattoo Is Really Like

For some people it’s not a big deal to get a tattoo — it’s as simple a choice as what to eat or watch on Netflix. However, it could be a very intimate, and difficult option for many people on the reverse side. (Alright, both of these can be hard but you guys are getting the trick of getting the first tattoo here.) It was the latter for Kira Sterrett, our new Allure series “I’ve Never Tried”. They did not feel compelled to take a tattoo until the summer of 2016 when they visited New Zealand on a life-changing journey. Then Sterrett thought about his decision for another four years. Now we have officially inked the 20-year-old Bronx girl, and we have the dish.

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3 Simple Steps For a Perfect First Tattoo

The first step to get your first tattoo is, of course, to find out what you want. But Sterrett thought that part convenient, as it was a long time ago. They had several unique encounters in nature, including one in which they could plant trees, during their trip to New Zealand. “That’s why I want this tree to be my tattoo,” Sterrett tells Allure, “I remember catching in dirt and feeling so grounded. In terms of positioning? “Behind my left calf,” they say, “I think I get it.

The next part is choosing a go-to artist for your first tattoo. It is just as difficult for a tattoo to determine itself. Sterrett found Rachel Finelli, a Brooklyn based tattoo boss on Instagram, and was not only impressed by her talent, but by her varied stream. “I have seen all of their images reflecting — I’ve seen people looking like me and my designs,” they say. The big day, for the first time, Sterrett met Finelli at her Brooklyn tattoo shop. They discussed the full process, including pre-care and aftercare.

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In addition, they addressed topics such as the color inks on offer. For example, Finelli suggested that Sterrett should use Indigo-based Black since she claims that the warm and dark skin shades are better.

When the design and positioning were relaxed and happy, Finelli tattooed a line in her customer’s leg to ensure that they were all right with pressure and pain levels. Fortunately, without having to pause Sterrett had no hesitation in the pain and encouraged the whole process.

Scroll down for more inspirations for your first tattoo.

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