Highlight Your Beauty With The Best Pastel Nail Arts Ever

This nail art is pretty and becomes a huge trend this year. You have seen pastel makeup or pastel hair, so how about having the bright shade of pastel nail?. The bright color with lots of artwork designed on nails will be your perfect choice.

Summer is coming and having a fresh and bright nail will be a good start. Take a look at some of the best pastel nail arts that will level up your beauty.

Classic Ombré

Keeping up with the traditional ombré but the shade of pastel color will bring the elegant transition on your nail. This nail art is still on-trend and worth it for a manicure trip.

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Best Pastel Nail: Flower

Choose a perfect pastel color that fits with the flower. You can bring the warm vibe by having peach color and pink tulips or having the sweat vibe with blue shade and lavenders. The choice is all yours.

Pastel With Dots

Add a little fun to your nail with some mixed-color dots and pastel shade. This pastel with dots will bring some joy to you to enjoy this summer.

Best Pastel Nail: Glitter

Wanna be all sparkling and become the highlight at a party? Then this glitter pastel manicure will be your answer. Having this manicure with simple outfits still makes you pop.

Geometric Neon

Geometric art is complicated but you can’t take your eyes off it. This design goes perfectly with neon pastel shade on your nails such as cool mint or baby blue color.

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Iridescent Pastel

Iridescent pastel is becoming trendy these days. With the pastel color and hologram art, this art will create a magical vibe to your nails.

Rainbow Pastel

Tired of traditional ombré? Then style it up with rainbow pastel manicure. The color-changing will create a beautiful vibrant color to your nail.

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