How About Getting Hyped with Psychedelic Eye Makeup Look?

It cannot be denied that 2020 isn’t our year, so our team agreed to turn the maker clock back to the ’60s. Well, that’s true. By mentioning ‘60s-inspired makeup, we speak of bright colors and fake shapes, as we first saw in Rowi Singh’s Instagram post, the psychedelic eyeshade look. It’s brilliant, funky and certainly will carry all the good vibes till the end of summer.

Below is the step-by-step tutorials on creating a rainbow and psychedelic eye makeup look. Check it out!

Step 1: Grab your eyeliner

After putting on the layers of foundation and concealer, grab your eyeliners. What’s more, remember they should be all colored one, we don’t want a rainbow, psychedelic eye makeup look which has black in it. If you need recommendations, we love the NYX Professional Makeup Pride Edition Vivid Bright Eyeliner. Choose any colors that you like. They can be Snatched (a red shimmer), Love (a sky blue), or Hot Dang.

Step 2: Draw a couple of cat eye

Next, create a double cat eye in the color of Snatched. What I love about this style is that you don’t need to be a pro to succeed. Since the line is not necessarily perfect. Focus on the initial point.

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Step 3: Trace in Rainbow Colors for Psychedelic Eye

Once you’ve got your initial red outline, keep drawing lines on top of each other. After layering the different colors of a rainbow, finish all it off with the shade of Love. Bear in mind that the lines should be matched and meet at the inner corner. Since the eyeliners have a bit of shine to them, you may want to track down the original lines until it appears fully opaque.

Step 4: Add eyeshadow

Shimmery, please! Your psychedelic eye makeup look can be highlighted with a tad sparkle eyeshadow.

Step 5: Finish the Look of Psychedelic Eye

Add some coats of mascara and you’re ready to rock any parties!!

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