How to achieve Twiggy ‘s 60s makeup for eyes

Twiggy is a well-known actress. She is one of the top models of the 1960s with big eyes, beautiful eyelashes, and a skinny body. She has been considered as a model in the fashion industry. So, today, we are going to find out how to achieve this fantastic Twiggy’s 60s makeup for eyes.

Step 1: Twiggy’s 60s makeup

Take a little bit of concealer and a blender brush as well. Then, we are going to brush the concealer all over the lid.

Step 2:

As you probably know, this Twiggy ‘s 60s makeup always has a very exaggerated arch on the eye area, so let’s take dark brown and black shade with a smaller brush. Then, apply them all the way down, almost like a half-circle, and that’s going to give you the doe-eyed effect.

Step 3:

Trace the eye sockets to exaggerate the eyes. When doing this step, it’s really important to look in the mirror to feel where the bone is. Then, we will cheat your natural eyelids to the upper position and then trace the line just around your sockets. This will make the eyes look bigger and brighter.

Step 4: Twiggy’s 60s makeup

For this step, we are going to use the beige cream color to set that eye shadow.

Step 5:

We are going to get your eyelash curlers and curl the eyelashes as close the base of the lash as possible, and then hold it back for a few seconds to create an amazing lift.

Step 6:

Next, do a sharp eyeliner with a liquid liner. Don’t pull your eyes when doing this and try to just follow your eye line down and then exaggerate the length of the eyes to make them just look bigger.

Step 7:

Take the false eyelashes and dip it in the glue to stroke it along the lash. And then blow it a bit, bring it in, twist it to the shape of your eyes, wait for the glue to dry before you put any mascara on.

Take your mascara and apply it as usual. This is how you can achieve fantastic Twiggy’s 60s makeup for eyes.

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