Contouring is one of our important makeup techniques today, especially for round face shape. Although it’s cute, you want to change your appearance for a smaller face sometimes and it’s time to use the contouring technique. Today, we are going to find out how to contour a round face.

For this kind of face shape, we want to highlight the center of the face and contour the perimeter areas for narrow shape.

Before knowing how to contour a round face, moisturizer and foundation should be applied to your skin. Although we can use powders, creams, or sticks for contouring, creams are highly suggested for exact placement.

Step 1:

Take highlight and highlight in the center of the forehead, the bridge of nose and the chin.

Then, pop a little bit of a highlight on the tringle area under the eyes.

Step 2:

 Start contouring in the area of the ear and drag it down.  Then, contour the temples with c-shape

To contour the round face: Step 3:

Slim down the nose by shading the sides and using the edge of the brush to give a nice smooth line.

Step 4:

Blending all these lines into place and create a really smooth and seamless finish.

Step 5:

In these last steps, we want to set everything into place so nothing moves. So let’s apply setting powder to prevent any product from moving.

As you can see, you can learn how to contour a round face and define a beautiful face shape in just a few easy steps and don’t forget to apply some lipstick for full makeup.

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