Do you want to look radiant, natural, and not too extra during class reunions, visiting relatives and friends, taking ID photos, and interviewing? And have you heard of Nude makeup?

Nude makeup is makeup that looks as if it has not been applied. There is no trace of makeup, but it looks much more refined than usual-this is the first impression of nude makeup. The appearance is light, the temperament is fresh, and the smile is very healing Whether it’s a big Hollywood star or a girl next door walking on the street, nude makeup makes she look refreshing, not greasy, comfortable in a hot summer day, and makes people unconsciously want to be close.

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1.Light foundation

It is very important to choose the color of the foundation. Under natural light, find out the foundation that is close to your skin color, thin, liquid, or wet and dry. It must be thin and light, the effect of the upper face should not be too heavy

Then, apply a thin layer of powder to help fix makeup, especially in summer.

2. Concealer

Since it is natural nude makeup, the small acne marks and freckles on the face do not have to be completely covered. But slightly tap it on some acne or dark spots to make your face look brighter.

3. Nude makeup: Eyebrows

The eyebrows should naturally be simple and clean. Use an eyebrow knife to scrape off extraneous hair, choose the color number of the eyebrow pencil coordinated with the hair color, draw along your eyebrow shape, and fill in the empty eyebrows. Don’t overdo it, it doesn’t need to be flawless.

4. Eye makeup

You cannot choose exaggerated colors, the lighter and lighter colors will not make the upper eye appear abrupt and naturally blend into the makeup. Or you can simply just apply mascara and a little brown eyeshadow.

5. Lip makeup

You can either choose a nude lipstick (brown, nude pink..) or just lip balm, use a lip brush to apply from the lips to both sides. Do not deliberately create a lip line, blur the border to make the lip makeup look more natural. You can also use your fingers to even out the color. 


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