How to create perfect winged liner from pencil and eyeshadow

Today, we will find out 2 ways to create perfect winged liner from pencil as well as eyeshadow.

1. Pencil – winged liner

Step 1:

Let’s start with the first method which is with a pencil, a cream pencil or gel pencil. At this time, we are going to use the Covergirl perfect point plus pencil.

Feel where the socket bone is, take the pencil, and just drag it down a little bit and then create a really little triangle.

Step 2:

Gently drag it up and the angle where to drag it up is really going to depend on your eye shape

In case of hooded eyes, follow the outer corner of the eye and then drag it up, and then take the tip of

Smooth out the top and this is going to give you a smudgy wing. This one is not for sharp eyeliner, so it’s very simple and quick to do. You can also have different eyeliner colors such as brown or blue or grey or black

2. Eye shadow – winged liner

Step 1:

Moving onto the next method with black eyeshadow, we can use the eyeshadow palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Take the noir shade with your brush and do the line on the lash line.

Step 2:  

Take the brush with the angle going upward to get right in the corner and then I flip it the other way to do the inner corner, then go back dip in shade and draw the line, and follow the angle of your eye.

When doing this, remember to look into the mirror, and keep your eyes open.

Step 3:

If you want your wing to be longer, you can drag it out a little longer, and then you can go back in with more and fill in that little triangle. This liner will be like halfway or even three-quarters of the way so as to have wide or cat eyes. Or you can go all the way in if you like.

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