How to Decorate Your Home with a Dazzling Glow Jar

Glow jars have become popular in recent years for its simple yet beautiful appearance. It is great to add more magical lights to your bedroom, living room, or just a décor item for your garden. If you’re looking for a cheap but adorable item to decorate your room, let’s check our guide to make a glow jar.

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Before making, you need to prepare:

– a battery-powered string of micro-LED: we recommend a warm light string because it brings in a classic look. However, just chose the color you love best and suit your wish.

– a mason jar or wine jar: You can buy it everywhere from a supermarket to a department store

– a battery: Remember to choose a good quality one

– a glue gun or a double-sided sticking-plaster


– Step 1:

Open the lid of your jar. Clean all the tags, stickers, or glue on the jar to keep the finished look perfect.

– Step 2: make a glow jar

Put your light string into the jar randomly with a major part lying on the bottom and the rest sticking up towards the lid. The random shape of the string gives a splendid and ethereal look to your room, which makes a perfect glow jar.

– Step 3:

Stick the battery on the lid with a glue gun to easily hide it or you can choose to hide the battery behind the jar.

– Step 4:

Close the lid after sticking the battery (or hiding) and switch on your beautiful hand-made glow jar.

– Step 5:

Bring your jar to your room and enjoy its light right away. Or you can bring to your garden. Don’t worry about rain. It’s safe because you put all things in the jar.

Another way to decorate it is to remove the lid and put flowers or tree branches into the jar. You may get surprised at this glow jar.

We hope you are happy to do something by yourself following our guides. If you have any concerns, just feel free to ask us!

Good luck!

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