How to Do Asian Eyes Makeup: A Guideline from Michelle Phan

Digital has dominated most of the world nowadays. You want to learn something. You go online and figure out the answer just by a few clicks. Youtube has been a huge platform where people share and teach each other. Even if you are a newbie and know nothing about makeup stuff, Youtubers can turn you into a master. You can learn how to winged eyeliner or blend the shadows to create the perfect smoky eyes whenever you have the Internet. And if Youtube is a place you learn about makeup, you must know Michelle Phan, a beauty guru. Currently, she has nearly 10 million subscribers on Youtube. Being an influential Asian, she showed us how to do Asian Eyes Makeup. Whether you have Asian eyes or not, follow her step-by-step tutorials to have handy tips on eye makeup.

How to Do Asian Eyes Makeup: A Guideline from Michelle Phan

Asian Eyes Makeup – Step 1

For puffy eyes of most Asian girls, the white and shimmery peachy pink eyeshadow is a perfect combination. Apply the mixture under the lower lash line to fade the puffiness.

Asian Eyes Makeup – Step 2

Create a dreamy shadow under the highlighting layer with a matte taupe. Go to the brown one if you prefer the subtle tone.

Asian Eyes Makeup – Step 3

In this makeup step, apply the darker matte brown on the outer part. Gently and finely blend them all. If you succeed, your eyes will become much deeper and dimensional after this phase.

Step 4

Hide dark circles with a good concealer to appear fresh and youthful. Then, bring the highlight color up to enlighten your face.

Step 5

Apply eyeliner on your upper lid, keeping the line as thin as possible.

Step 6

Michelle suggests a powder application is recommended for this makeup look. It will draw attention to your face in general, not your puffy eyes.

Step 7

Finish by curling your lashes and adding a light coat of mascara.

Practice more until you are satisfied with your finished look.

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