How to Focus on Yourself If Life Feels Messy Right Now?

Lemme guess: You had a huge quarrel with your teams last night, Or maybe you cut your BF’s stuff off. Or usually, you just don’t feel nice. Everything above? You have however opted to concentrate on yourself, and I will assist you in doing this.

First, however, a quick disclaimer. If you don’t know what you want to work on yourself, it probably won’t go very well. These methods could not improve, says licensed mental health counselor Rachel Gersten, co-founder of the Viva Wellness in NYC, unless we think about what you want prior to your starting point (more about that in a few minutes).

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Now that we have the basics down, it is time to get to the right stuff (the real advice is well known). 4 tips accepted by therapists on how to focus on yourself under any circumstances. Yay!

1. Try journaling

Journaling is also a healthy way to reflect on yourself because it is time to deal with your feelings and emotions, Gersten says. In general, it’s some time I’m more efficient than Netflix bingeing.

2. Find a new hobby

Make sure that it’s something that you want to do, not a task or talent, or you think it’s going to look good, warns Gersten. Take the idea.

3. Consider taking a break from social media

Don’t misunderstand my words. I’m not telling you to delete every apps you have on your phone. In fact, both Gersten and Maalouf agree that using social media can have many benefits. But if you find yourself scrolling for hours a day, it’s probably time to rethink your habits.

4. Start going to therapy

If you tried every way that is possible but still sucked with how to focus on yourself, not others, go to therapists. Um, on this list, I couldn’t include counseling. It’s the best way to concentrate on yourself. Therapists are basically qualified to be an impartial third party to help you to resolve something that disturbs you.

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