How to Get Best Wood Flooring Ideas for Your Home in 2020

Wood flooring ideas seem endless today because we tend to back to nature-based materials. This classic yet modern style is widely used in several spaces of the house. When we mention “classic” factors, we do not mean it is boring. Honestly, a floor covered by woods is something trendy and interesting.

Nowadays, woods has increasingly developed in colors, textures, finishes, patterns, and types. Therefore, you have hundreds of things to consider before flooring.

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A Variety of Wood Flooring Colors

When it comes to colors, we have light, medium, and dark hardwoods that are the three most popular. Besides, other colors like grey, high variation, blonde, honey, or whitewashed are also prominent.

Wood Texture

In 2020, wood flooring texture will be more important and popular than ever before. Among textures, distressed wood seems the hottest guy and you should consider it. Handscraped wood is famous for its long, ingrained scrapes in the finish. It usually shows the difference between planks, which make them handcrafted and unique. For wirebrushed wood, it contains subtle, intentional wire scratches that make the texture exposed to the eyes. Although you might consider them imperfect and rude, these perfect imperfections are much better and consistent than handscraped and wirebrushed woods. And when it comes to our hottest guy, distressed wood, we usually talk about its aged and antique look. It is because distressed wood itself possesses a lot of scrapes, burns, knots, or wormholes.

Wood Flooring Finishes

There are three main trendy finishes including satin, matte, and oil. In 2020, there is another finish that will appear. This is flatter.

How about Patterns

Patterns continue to develop these days. You will see the perfect combination of colors and textures with eye-catching patterns. Your wood flooring will be absolutely unique.


Reclaimed materials are on the rise. There are some popular types that you can use such as reclaimed, cork, American-made, bamboo, and engineered types.

After reading, let’s check these wood flooring ideas for your upcoming floor.

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