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How to Get Emma Stone’s Best Hairstyles

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How to Get Emma Stone’s Best Hairstyles?

Going between red, blonde, brown, and black, Emma Stone is a true chameleon when it comes to her hair. The wide-eyed Oscar winner certainly isn’t afraid to mix it up, and you shouldn’t be either. Whether you’re into sleek straight locks, glamorous curls, beach waves, firey red, sandy blonde or mysterious darks, Miss Stone is all you need when it comes to hair inspiration. To help you choose your next cut, color, and hairstyle we have rounded up Emma Stone’s best styles to date.

What Colour is Emma Stone’s hair?

Emma Stone’s natural hair color is blond. However, she is well known for rocking various shades of red, from strawberry blond to deep burgundy. She’s also worn her hair black and brown for multiple roles over the years.

How do you get Emma Stone’s red hair?

Emma Stone’s hair colorist, Tracey Cunningham, uses Redken Shade EQ gloss, which keeps the condition amazing while coloring Emma’s naturally blond hair. To get it the redhead look yourself, you’ll need to consider what color you’re starting with. If your hair is dark, you may need to lighten it first; however, if it’s already light, you’ll also need to consider what tones it has. While you can try it at home, it’s best to head into your hair salon for the best results with the least amount of damage.



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