How To Make A Stunning DIY Notebook

Today, we are going to discover how to make make a stunning DIY notebook.


  • A4 paper
  • Cardboard
  • Some fabrics like canvas.
  • White glue, tape
  • Ruler, paper punches and threads, binder clips, a scissor.

Instruction for making DIY notebook

Step 1: Fold 10 A4 papers in half (as in the following images).

Step 2: Pile all the papers neatly, use ruler to identify 4cm from the edge and then user the pencil to mark and make small holes.  

Step 3: Use the paper punches to make some holes that you have marked all the papers that you prepared.

Step 4: Use threads to make all the papers together, and tie knots. To make them stick together, you can use glue on the 4cm edge of the paper

Step 5: Use 2 binder clips to clip the paper, and wait for the glue to dry completely.  

Step 6: For the cover of the notebook, it is relatively easy and simple to make. Use the cardboard and divide it into 2 parts. The parts are wider about 0,5 cm than the paper width.  Next, use the scissor to cut a small cover with the same length with the cardboard and the width in 1,5cm.

Step 7: Have the white glue on two sides of the cover and the fabric as well, have the glue well on the whole cover. Then, cut the left parts of 4 corners to make sure that we will have the best result.  

Step 8: Stick 2 covers together, and then use the tape to stick them, then all the papers.

Finally, we get a stunning and pretty notebook done by yourself. As you can see, it is so easy and simple, right? So, let’s try to do DIY notebook at least one time!  

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