How To Make An Easy Origami Rabbit With Simple Instruction

You love rabbits and want to have a cute one? Except for the cure features, the rabbit can carry a lot of meanings such as luck.  So, today, we are going to find out the way to make easy origami rabbit. Let’s do and check it out how to do it right now!

Preparation for origami rabbit

A color square paper with your preferred color

How-to-do easy origami rabbit:

Step 1:  For the first step, let’s fold the color paper in half in vertical and horizontal line. Then, fold the edges following the center crease for the best result.  

Step 2: Fold the lower edge to the center crease, then bend 2 corners down, and continue to make a cross crease on the paper.

Step 3: Fold the head tip following the crease as in the following image. Fold 2 corners to the inside, and then bend the head to the behind.

Step 4: Bend the head down a little bit and fold in half vertically. Pull 2 head up, and fold the behind body to the behind. It could be a little bit challenging at this step. But don’t worry too much, follow the instruction and you can do it! 

Step 5: Modify the tails so that they could expand and could be softer.  That’s how we can make an extremely adorable rabbit to put in your studying corners. It could be a stress-reliever after a long hard-working day.

As you can see, with just a single colored paper and some easy steps in a short amount of time, we can make an extremely adorable kind of animal. And that is all for the instruction for an easy origami rabbit today. I hope you will like it, and can create your cute rabbit soon.

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