How To Make Appetizing Oreo Churros At Home

When it comes to Oreos, there is a variety of mixtures you can create. So, today, we are going to try to make a different version of Oreo at home, and it is Oreo churros. It will be done in a short amount of time with simple instruction. Now, let’s start!


200g Oreo cookies

200g all-purpose flour

500ml of water

50g sugar

100g unsalted butter

5ml of vanilla extract

2 eggs

Olive oil

A bowl of sugar for covering

Instruction to make appetizing Oreo churros

Step 1: Take 200g Oreo cookies, and separate the milk filling and the chocolate cover.

Step 2: Put the chocolate cover into the blender to blend it well.

Step 3: In a large bowl, add the blended chocolate, 200g all-purpose flour, and then mix them well with a whisk.

Step 4: Turn the heat on, add 500ml of water, 50g sugar, 5ml of vanilla extract, and 100g unsalted butter. Next, stir it well while it slightly boils, add the mixture of chocolate and flour, then it is time to turn the heat off, and mix them well with a whisk.

Step 5: Take them to a bowl, add 2 eggs, and mix them until they combine.

Step 6: Put the mixture in the piping bag with a star tip.

Step 7: Make them into small churros in about 5-10 cm (this really depends on your preference) and put them into the fridge for about 1 hour.

Step 8: Turn the heat on, boil the oil, and then put them into the frying pan. Until they are fully cooked, roll it in a bowl of sugar.

Step 9: Skewer them to make room for filling. Put the separated milk filling in the oven to make it melted. After 2 mins, put them in the piping bag, and make the filling for the churros. Serve them on a dish. That is how we can have a dish of the Oreo churros.

I hope you will like it!

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