How To Make Delicious Crunchy And Greasy Cheese Onion Rings

Today, we are going to make delicious crunchy cheese onion rings. This kind of food is suitable for parties. This will not take you a lot of time, but you still have a delicious dish. Especially, this is a new version of onion rings when mixed with cheese. You can feel the crunchy and greasy onion pieces.  Let’s go!


1 egg

2 small onions

1 string cheese

1 tbsp of salt

100g of crispy flour

200g of breadcrumb

500ml of water

Olive oil

Instruction to make delicious crunchy and greasy cheese onion rings

Step 1: Add 1 tbsp of salt to 500ml of water. Then, cut 2 small onions into small rings, and put them in the salt water in 5 mins.

Step 2: Cut the cheese into small strings

Step 3: Place the smaller rings into the bigger ones, and then add the cheese strings into the blank.

Step 4: Put 200g of breadcrumb, 1 egg, and 100g of crispy flour into 3 bowls.

Step 5: For this step, we roll the onion rings into the crispy flour, put them into the egg bowl, and do the same steps for one more time.

Step 6: Roll them into the bowl of the breadcrumb

Step 7: Turn the heat on, put the olive oil into it, and then put the onion strings when it boils. When frying them, you should flip them over to make sure that two sides of the rings have the golden color. And that is when the cooking is done.

Step 8: You can serve it on a dish, and enjoy it with tomato or chili sauce.

How easy and simple making the crunchy and greasy cheese onion rings is! I hope you will be successful with this instruction, enjoy and love this delicious dish!

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