How To Make Dragon Origami With Easy Instruction

Today, we are going to find out how to make dragon origami with the easy instruction below.

How To Fold Dragon Origami

Step 1: Take out a square piece of paper, and fold the top corner to the bottom one to make it half.

Step 2: Next, fold the left corner to the right one to make it half one more time.

Step 3: Open it, and crease the left and right sides.

Step 4: Move onto the next step, we open the paper over and do the same thing as the 4th step one more time.

Step 5: Make the left flap stand, open it and squash it down.

Step 6: Move the top layers of two sides to the center.

How To Fold Dragon

Step 7: Fold the upper triangle-down.

Step 8: Open the upper and sides.

Step 9: Move only the upper layer all the way up. Notice the crease and fold along with it. 

Step 10: Turn the paper over, and then do the same thing from step 5 to step 7.

Step 11: Open the upper and the sides.

Step 12: Do the same step as step 9.

Dragon Origami

Step 13: Now for the head of the dragon, we will open the left side to make an inside reverse fold, and flatten it down.

Step 14: We can the bottom right flap at this step, and then straighten it out to make the tail.

Step 15: Next, fold the tip as in the instruction, and open it

Step 16: Then, you should hold the neck of the dragon with one hand, and make the jaw with the other. Later, you can flatten it down.

Step 17: Make a tip of the head back and then open it

Step 18: Unfold the head to make a tip at the crease, and flatten it down. That’s all for you to make a dragon origami.

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