How To Make Easy Origami Umbrella

Today, we are going to learn how to make an easy origami umbrella. Let’s go and check it out!


  • 2 square paper (15cm)
  • A piece of square paper (2cm)
  • Rectangular paper 3 cm in length and 1 cm in width
  • Tie

Instruction to make easy origami umbrella

Step 1: Fold the 15cm paper in half, open and continue to fold in half as the other edge.   

Step 2: Turn to the left side of the paper, fold the paper as the cross line so that two opposite tips piled, then open and fold as the other cross line.

Step 3: Unfold them and bend two opposite tips to the central point.

Step 4: Fold the edge to the central line.

Step 5: Open, and then press a little bit to make creases and then fold it in half.

Step 6: Do the same things for 3 other edges

Step 7: Turn to the other side, fold two edges to the central line to make creases, press to two sides, then fold it in half as the central crease.

Step 8: Do the same things for the other sides. 

Easy origami umbrella

Step 9: Do the same things for yellow paper

Step 10: Cut the top of the umbrella and the leftover paper

Step 11: Do the same things as in step 10 for the yellow paper. Besides, fold it in half to make creases, then cut a short part of the upper creased part.

Step 12: Turn to the other side of the yellow paper that you have folded, make creases as the line is made inside.

Step 13: Fold two creases outside to make one crease inside, and make the creases up.

Step 14: Take glue, stick the yellow paper to the red one so that all the creases are piled up. 

Step 15: Use glue and stick the cut part inside, and fold as the creases of the yellow paper.   

Step 16: Fold the 2cm paper to have a bigger part than the other, open and fold the creases as the other edges and make creases as in the images.

Step 17: Use a toothpick to go through the hole of the umbrella, take glue to stick on the yellow paper, then use the tie.

Step 18: Take the 3cm red to wrap around the yellow paper so that it can loose a little bit.  

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