How to make Japanese chicken curry with a simple recipe

Curry has been listed is one of the famous dishes all over the world. So, today, we are going to discover a simple recipe to cook Japanese chicken curry. This kind of curry will be easy and simple to cook for a short amount of time. But we have delicious and mouth-watering food for our families. Now, let’s do it together!


1 big onion

½ big carrot

1 Yukon gold potato

2/3 cloves garlic

1/3 tsp of ginger

200 g chicken thighs without bones and skin

Kosher salt

Freshly ground black pepper

1/3 Tbsp of vegetable oil

1 cup of (250 ml) chicken stocks

80g Japanese curry roux

1/3 Tbsp of ketchup

1/3 Tbsp of soy sauce

Furkujinzuke for garnish

How to make Japanese chicken curry

Step 1: Cut 1 big onion into small pieces, and for ½ big carrot, cut it into small cubes, and then cut 1 potato into 6 small cubes

Step 2: Chop 2/3 cloves garlic, put I and 1/3 tsp of the chopped ginger into a bowl, then mix them.

Step 3: For this step, cut 200 g of chicken thighs without bones and skin into small pieces, and put in a bowl. And, put freshly ground black pepper, kosher salt, which depends on your own taste.

Step 4: In this next step, prepare a pressure cooker at high pressure and stew mode in 15 mins.

Step 5: Add 1/3 Tbsp of vegetable oil, small pieces of onions, the mixture of garlic and ginger, chicken thighs, carrot, potato cubes, 1 cup of (250 ml) chicken stocks and 80g Japanese curry roux.

Step 6: Now, it’s time to stew them in 15 mins. After that, add 1/3 Tbsp of soy sauce, and then stir them well. When it is done, you can put in a bowl, and enjoy it with rice.

All in all, that’s all for the Japanese chicken curry today. And, I hope you will be successful, and enjoy it!

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