How to Make Lovely Envelope Books with Cloth Binding

These days, we can save millions of pictures on your computer or even more on the cloud. However, how many of them are reopened? Do you feel satisfied or grateful for the moments that happen in your life? Or you just simply take countless senseless pictures and throw it all into the never-touch-again zones? Why not try another way to highlight your moments? An envelope book is a genius way to store little mementos.

Martha Stewart have shown you how to make envelope books with cloth binding with just 5 steps.


Colorful envelopes (vintage theme)

Bookbinding tape and board

Bookbinding cloth (other similar fabrics are okay)

Bone folder




Decorative scissors (optional)

Utility knife


Glue brush

Envelope Books How-to

Step 1:

For a start, eliminate strips of the bookbinding tape of the envelopes. There are no exact measures for this step since the widths of them are various. Lay two envelopes flush one against the other, positioning the opening-side up left envelope and opening-side down right envelope. Peel the tape and use a secure bond to attatch the 2 different envelopes.

Step 2:

Now is the time for the cover. Cut the book board into 2 pieces with an utility knife. Cut the strip of another plain paper to go along with the spine.

Step 3:

Add the fabric for the bookbinding after all of the neccesary measurements.

Step 4:

Put glue to one flap ad fold it over. Smooth the bone folder and wait until it gets dry.

Step 5:

For the last step, put the bound envelopes between the sheets, with the paper strip lining the spine. Apply half of the tape to the left edge of the bound envelopes, and the other side to the left board inner bottom. Repeat to the extreme. Glue paper to the inside of the cover, ensuring that the edges of the tape and the seams of the cloth are covered. Smooth the bone tab.

Tada! Now you finish and get your products. Practice with more creative ideas! Below are some inspirations for the upcoming projects.

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