How To Make Origami Boxes With Simple Instruction

How To Make Origami Boxes With Simple Instruction?

Today, we are going to make origami boxes! Let’s go and check out how to do it right now!


Square paper

As you can see, the preparation for origami boxes is not hard. It’s really simple and you can find the square paper anywhere.

Instruction to fold origami boxes

Step 1: Fold the paper in half along the cross line, then open it. And do the same things to make 2 creases cross each other in the central point of the paper.

Step 2:Fold each angle to the central point so that they can touch together. Then,  make creases and create a square, but not unfold it.

Step 3: Fold the upper and lower margins to the central square.

Step 4:Open them and just leave the creases for the triangles on both sides.

Step 5: Put the paper to the down tip of the triangle. Fold both creases, then you will have a tie shape

Step 6:Make more creases as the following images.

Instruction to fold origami boxes

Step 7:Make it up vertical as the creases that we’ve made.

Step 8: When you put the other sides up, the creases from the previous ones will make the triangle creases that you will fold to the inside. Make sure all the triangles are folded inside prior to doing the next steps. If you fold them as these steps, all of the sides of the boxes will be fixed and make it appear more stronger. After that, you will see a triangle at one angle of the box.  

Step 9: Do all the same things for the other side to make sure that we will achieve the neat creases.

That’s all for the origami boxes instruction! I hope you will like it and see you in the next post!

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