How To Make Paper Merry Christmas Tree

How To Make Paper Merry Christmas Tree

One of the most beautiful times of the year – Xmas is coming to town! So, why don’t we try making something on your own to decorate your house? Today, we are going to discover the way to make a merry Christmas tree with paper. Are you ready for it? Let’s go and do it right now!

For this paper Christmas tree making, it is not going to be costly and take you a lot of time. But, you still get unique decorative stuff for this important holiday especially made by you. Just follow the step by step guide in this post, I believe that you are able to create your own interesting Christmas tree with paper origami style for decoration while waiting for Xmas. Or you can make it and give it as a present to someone.


A square paper

A scissor

As you can see, the essential ingredients to make a paper Xmas tree is simple and easy to find

Step by step instruction to make a Merry Christmas tree

Step 1: Use the square paper, fold in half as the cross line 2 times to achieve 4 triangles. Then, open the paper and fold it in half to divide the square into 2 rectangles. After that, following the steps as in the image.

Step 2: Turn the paper downside and continue to fold the other side of the paper as in the picture.

Step 3: Use the scissor to cut the leftover part to make an isosceles triangle. 

Step 4: Cut two sides of the triangle as in the image. Then, fold the cut parts into small triangles in their 6 lines. And that is the final step for doing a mini lovely Merry Christmas tree to decorate or give to people around you.

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