How To Make Salted Cream Cheese Milk Tea At Home

Salted cream cheese milk tea has become popular these days. So, today we are going to find out how to make this drink at home. Now, let’s go!


Black tea: 30g

Indo Kievit milk powder: 25g

Sugar: 50g

Cream cheese: 30g

Whipping cream: 30g

Unsweetened milk: 80ml


Instruction to make salted cream cheese milk tea at home

For the salted cream cheese

The point of this milk tea comes from the salted cream cheese.

Step 1: Add 30 g of Cho nguyên liệu gồm 30g of cream cheese, 30g of whipping cream 25g of sugar, and a little bit of salt into a large bowl.

Step 2: Turn the handheld mixer on at the lowest mode, and then mix the above ingredients until we have a smooth mixture.

Step 3: Put 80ml of unsweetened milk and continue mixing in about 2 mins. Do not over mix them because we will not want to have a hard texture.

Step 4: Cover the bowl and place it into the fridge before using it. That’s how we finish making the salted cream cheese.  

For the milk tea

Step 1: Put 30g of black tea in a glass, have it into the boiled water (90oC – 95oC) in about 20 mins. And then we separate to remove the tea grounds by a grate.  

Step 2: Put the grated black tea, 25g of Indo Kievit milk powder,  25g of sugar, and some ice cubes đường, then shake it in a shaker standard in about 10 to 15 secs to make sure that they completely combine.

Step 3: Pour the tea into a glass, make a layer of salted cream cheese on top, then sprinkle a little bit of green tea powder, and enjoy it.

That’s all the steps to make the salted cream cheese milk tea. I hope you will like it!

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