How To Make Tasty Harry Brioche Bread At Home

Today, we are going to learn how to make tasty Harry Brioche Bread with easy instruction. With this simple how-to-make post, you can easily make it at home.


50 g of warm water

70 g of sugar

7 g of instant powder

3 eggs

100 ml whipping cream

320 g of bread flour

25 g of all-purpose flour

5 g of cornflour

15 g of powdered milk

 3 g of salt 

1 tbsp of orange extract or vanilla extract

100 g of cold butter

1 egg

2 tbsps of fresh milk

Sliced almonds


Instruction to make tasty Harry Brioche Bread at home

Step 1: Put 10g of sugar and 7g instant powder in 50g warm water in about 15 mins.

Step 2: Next, whip egg white with 60g sugar. When whipping is done, add 100ml whipping cream and mix them well.

Step 3: Add 320g bread flour, 25 g of all-purpose flour and 5 g of cornflour in a large bowl

Step 4: Put 15g powdered milk, 3g salt, and instant powder, 1 tbsp of orange or vanilla extract into the bowl.  Turn the mixer on in 15 mins, leave it there in 10 mins, then mix for another 10 mins

Step 5: Chop 100g cold butter, add it to the dough and mix in 10 mins, then it’s done for mixing.

Step 6: Fermentation in 40 – 60 mins. Until it is doubled, take it out of the bowl and cover by plastic wrap, place it into the fridge, then fermentation for another 5 hours or overnight.  

Step 7: Take the dough out of the fridge, divide it into 6 parts and make them into strings, make braids, place into a baking pan ( put a little butter into the pan before), and fermentation in 3 to 4 hours.

Step 8: Mix 1 egg, 2 tbsps fresh milk, then put it on the surface of the dough and sprinkle sliced almonds, sesame on it.

Step 9: Turn the heat on at 220oC in 10 mins before baking, then put the baking pan into it and bake in 20 – 30 mins. When you see the bread has lightly golden, turn the heat down to 180oC. Until we fully cook it and it cools down, it’s time to enjoy your Harry Brioche Bread.

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