How To Make Your Own Hand Turkey

Today, we are going to discover the way to make a DIY hand turkey by yourself at home. Let’s go and check it out right now!

When you take a look at hand turkeys, you will feel they are something so cute and funny. From what you see, maybe you guess that’s easy to be done, right? Exactly. It is really simple to do it and it is not going to take you a lot of time to do it.

Step 1: Draw the hand shape

Take out a plain A4 paper sheet, then put your hand on it, draw your hand outline.

Step 2: Divide the body and the tail

The next step is to divide the turkey tail by drawing a line between the fingers and the palm of your hand

Step 3: Color your hand shape

The brown color is commonly used for the body part. However, you can use other colors that you want your turkey to have. You also use different colors for each finger.

Step 4: Add some details

Let’s make a tiny wind for your turkey and draw the legs for it. It is so adorable, right? After that, make a lovely eye for it.

Step 5: Make your turkey more sparkling

To make your own version of hand turkey appear in a more attractive and outstanding design, let’s use some glitters and glue. Then, you will definitely feel amazed by the fact that this beautiful stuff is done by yourself.

That is all for making your own hand turkey. How easy it is! Just spending a short amount of time, then you will get the lovely and cute DIY stuff. I hope you will like it, follow all the above steps, and finally be successful! See you in the next posts! 

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