How to Master Your Perfect Look? 5 Eyeshadow Tutorials will Help!

Eyeshadow is one that requires time, practice, and persistence to learn to make techniques. The best color for your skin, skin shape (see how to apply the eye shadow for your eye form) and blending, blending and more blending will create the perfect eye shadow look. And while we all do stuff for you there are no mistakes with any tricks or tips to assist you in mastering your skills. Here, we have collected many video tutorials on YouTube that show us how all different looks can be made.

We rounded up top 5 eyeshadow tutorials that you definitely should check out to become a pro!

1. An Eyeshadow Tutorial for the Beginner

In 3 minutes you can find out how to obtain perfect blind application every time with these makeup tutorials. Alexandra Girly Talk. Her tips are easy to follow and virtually everyone works with this look. When using all the matte colors, you can change your deck color for a more colorful, enjoyable stuff.

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2. Makeup tutorials: Eyeshadow Dos and Don’t

Perhaps you already regard yourself as an eyeshadow pro or have the steps down but it doesn’t work as promised by Pinterest (trust that we are there). Laura Lee’s video breaks down the application “Dos” and “Don’t” – ideal for a babe who wants to change her new strategy to achieve this perfect ending.

3. An Eyeshadow Tutorial to Help You Nail the Look You’ve Always Wanted

It gives you the steps to look at this one-shadow while keeping the feature on your head. A Knook makes it so quick, in no time you’re going to be a pro.

4. Makeup tutorials: An Eyeshadow Tutorial for When You’re Ready to Take It to the Next Level

This Tutorial by Tina Halada is ideal for those who are prepared to adopt the simple eye shadow techniques. Take the crease of the slip break. When you have the basic technique of eye shadows down it’s still very easy to do so don’t worry about trying something new.

Our favie: NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Epic Wear Eyeliner Stick – Gunmetal Gaze.

5. Makeup tutorials: An Eyeshadow Tutorial for a Fire Eye Look

This Makeup by Giselle Tutorial is great for you if you can’t get enough dark, smoldering eye looks.

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