How to Style Your Liquid Liner Like a Beauty Editor

Throughout my job as a beauty writer, I appear to gravitate on a few main items, despite trying thousands — literally thousands — of make-up products. I’m a full lipstick devotee and I never can miss this signature thwip to open a brand new inky mascara tube. But if I exchange for all the others, if it’s a commodity, it’s a smooth, liquid pigmented liner. While some of my favorite ladies in the industry tend to instantly throw myself on a red lip, I slowly slip my onyx cat’s eye when I need to feel sure enough to overthrow my enemies like an Outlander.

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Below, we rounded up the best way to create your looks with different shades of liquid eyeliner. Check them out and free your creative spirit!

1. Whimsical Whisps

Mirroring is necessary if you are to keep your eyes symmetrical, but don’t overthink it. “When you try to make imaginative flicks all over your hand, begin on one side, and do the same thing on the other,” Hughes says. “Add as you pass each bit without too much thought of what the end goal is going to be, and in doing so the artistic flexibility is going to be a lot larger.

2. Heavy Metal by a Liquid Liner

Shimmery silver gives even the simplest look instant flair. Follow the pin from within and finish with a sweet, fun flower.

3. The Zebra

Alternate black and white liquid liner from inside, polish the designs inspired by the animal’s kingdom with tiny, blackened tips at the ends.

4. Red Hot

The big scarlet wing pairs a corresponding pout of liquid eyeliner for the full impact.

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5. Glam and Graphic by a Liquid Liner

Layer bright, 80’s-style blush ink black liner to put an editorial note into your makeup game.

6. The Quick Flick

Sometimes, the less, the better. This quick swipe of tangerine helps you slay.

7. The Black Swan with a Liquid Liner

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