How To Take Care Of Chapped Lips Properly In Dry Weather

There are two reasons for dry lips: one is lack of vitamins, the other is lack of moisture. If the corners of the mouth become dry and cracked and there are white secretions in the corners of the mouth, it is a phenomenon of lack of vitamins. You should pay attention to eating more fruits and vegetables to avoid this, and you can also drink vitamin supplements.

Dry lips caused by a lack of moisture will accumulate dead skin on the lips or corners of the mouth. Drink more water and supply moisture to keep it healthy.

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Here are some tips to take care of your chapped lips

1. Remember to apply lip balm after washing your face and add a protective greasy layer to your lips to prevent excessive moisture loss.

2. Even in winter, it is best to use a lip balm with sun protection

3. Get rid of the habit of licking lips frequently. By doing that, you are lick off the lip balm applied on the lips, losing the protective layer, and accelerating the evaporation of moisture on the lips.

4. Exfoliate the lips regularly to make your lips moist and healthy. Remember to do it when your lips are fully moisturized, such as after taking a bath, and be gentle. You should do it once a week

5. If the lips are very dry and peeling, you need to give them deeper care. First, wipe the lips with a damp towel, and then apply a lip balm containing calendula, chamomile extract, beeswax, Aloe Vera, tea tree oil. After a week of this continuous care, the lips can start restoring its moisture

6. If there is dead skin on the lips, do not tear it hard with your fingers. Use a hot towel to apply it for a while, and then apply lip balm to protect it after the skin softens.

7. There is a simple, effective, and cheap way to save “critical” lips. Cover the lips with a cup of boiling water for a while, let the water vapor fully soak the chapped lips, and then apply sesame oil to lock the moisture. Significant improvement in a few days.

Just follow our tips to take care of chapped lips, especially in upcoming dry season.

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