How Vinegar Improves Seed Germination (Proven by Science)

by Hong Diep
What is Vinegar

How Vinegar Improves Seed Germination (Proven by Science)

Know everything about How Vinegar Improves Seed Germination and allows the outer layer to break down for speedy growth in plants!

Soaking seeds in the vinegar helps the germination process happen quicker than usual as it allows the outer layer to break down easily, which aids in seed sprouting. Want to know more? Just have a look at How Vinegar Improves Seed Germination below.

Reasons Why Some Seeds Don’t Germinate

When it comes to seed propagation, you must consider many factors: Water and soil are two, but the temperature, nutrition, seed quality, age, and other facets are critical. Also, germinating seeds need a good amount of oxygen, so their metabolism is quick. If any of these are not right, the seeds will fail to germinate.

White vinegar is a household staple that everyone uses to cook. It is an aqueous liquid that contains about 5-8% of acetic acid. Acetic acid helps certain seeds to germinate faster and allows the outer layer to break down for speedy growth. This also enables the developing seedlings to absorb any nutrients that are added during the germination process.

study was done at the Capiz State University, Capiz, Philippines. It determined the effect of vinegar on the germination of eggplant seeds and identified that vinegar definitely expedites the sprouting process. It was found that the application of vinegar with 0.001% concentration is effective in the germination of seeds.

How Vinegar Improves Seed Germination

When you soak seeds with upto 5% acetic acid formula white vinegar, the seeds usually germinate in a much shorter span. Acetic acid allows the outer layer to break down and also helps in decimating any external pathogens on the seedling.

  1. Mix one tsp of vinegar in one cup of water in a bowl.
  2. Soak the seeds in this solution overnight (not more than 12 hours).
  3. Plant the seeds your usual way the next day after soaking.
  4. You can also try the paper towel method for quick germination.

Vinegar is a viable solution for more challenging seeds, such as Okra, Eggplant, Beans, and Melons. It helps cut through time and start the germination process faster.

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