I Don’t Feel So Good: Double Vision Optical Illusion Tattoos

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What is Double Vision Optical Illusion?

Diplopia is a simultaneous vision of two pictures of a single object. The objects may be moved horizontally, vertically, diagonally (e.g. vertically and horizontally), or in connection to each other rotating. Generally, this is the product of an impaired extraocular muscle operation where both eyes continue to function but can’t focus on the desired object.

Diplopia focuses on particularly during muscle or neurological processing. It can be one of the first signs of systemic disease and can affect a person’s coordination, exercise, or abilities to read.

What does it like when it comes to Inking?

These are a collection of illustrations from tattoo artist Yatzil Elizalde, from White Light Tattoo in Hermosillo, Mexico, of the dual (and three and quadruple) vision optical illusion tattoos. I will not lie, Double Vision Optical Illusion Tattoos, they make me feel intoxicated. I will not lie. “Since 9 AM, you have been drinking.” Drunk — they make me feel even drunker. I’m up for a nap if lunch is ever there.

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If you show a great interest in Double Vision Optical Illusion Tattoos, keep scrolling to explore more about this style. We rounded up the best designs in the world for you to get more inspiration!

Be cautious! If you are currently in a dizzy state of mind, (or you’re just simply not feeling well), please save this tab and read it later. You’ll thank me later!

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