Ideas to Grow Sunflower Plants to Brighten Your House

Sunflowers are an annual plant that is popular in several areas around the world. Sometimes, they are called a yellow daisy with a big face. To grow sunflower plants in your area is not a difficult thing as long as your area is full of sunlight. Today, we will learn something about the beautiful and gorgeous plant that is a so-called symbol of summer.

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How Long Will Sunflower Plants Bloom?

Almost all sunflower plants take about 3 months to grow and bloom. Surprisingly, the largest variation of this plant can grow up to 16 feet in height. Although it is usual to grow the large sunflowers, you can sometimes see some small varieties grown in small spaces and containers with only around one foot in height.

Their Seeds are a Tasty Snack

Sunflowers are famous for their heliotropism that means their flowers will follow the movement of the Sun from east to west. This is magnificent! However, this catastrophe only happens when the flowers have not yet produced their seeds. After having seeds, their heads turn heavy and hard to move like before. But, the seeds are a tasty and nutritious snack.

When and Where to Plant Sunflowers

The best time to sow sunflower seeds is after spring. Because the freezing frost has passed and the soil temperature is around 50 Fahrenheit degree. You must choose a sunny, really sunny site (6 to 8 hours per day) for sunflower plants to grow well. The soil also plays an important role in nurturing the plant. Your soil should be well-draining to avoid drowning your plants.

Take Care of Sunflower Plants

 When your plants are small, water them around the root zone. After they grow taller, weekly water them with a ton of water to stimulate their roots’ development.

Remember don’t over-fertilize them because their stems can be broken in the fall. Only fertilize when needed. And if your area is especially windy, give them some supports with the fences, bamboo stakes.

Here are some ideas for sunflower plants to grow in your area. Let’s enjoy them.

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