Instruction To Make Cream Cheese Garlic Bread

Today, we are going to learn how to make delicious cream cheese garlic bread. Let’s get started!


150g of all-purpose flour  

16 g sugar

1 egg

2 g of salt

50 g of milk

4g of instant powder

40g water

10g of oil

For the cream cheese

4 pieces of cheese

2 tablespoons of condensed milk


2 tablespoons of mayo

For the garlic sauce

100g of unsalted butter

Minced garlic

1 tbsp of milk

2 tbsps of sugar

1/2 tbsp of salt

1 tsp of thymes

Instruction for making cream cheese garlic bread

First, for the bread

Step 1:First, put 50 g of milk, 16g sugar, 4g instant powder in a glass bowl and leave it there in 15 mins.  

Step 2:Next, pour 40g water, add 2g of salt, 12g oil, instant powder, 150g of all-purpose flour, mix them well, and knead the dough in 5-7 mins until we have a smooth, and it does not stick to hands. Put the dough into a bowl, cover it by a plastic wrap, and leave it there for about one hour.

Step 3:At this step, we can see the dough doubled. Next, knead the dough one more time in 1 min. Then, divide the dough into 4 pieces and make them into the round shape. Cover them and leave it there for another 1 hour.

Step 4: After one hour, bake them at 175oC in 15 mins

For the cream cheese garlic sauce

Step 1: Melt 20g of unsalted butter, add minced garlic, and sauce in 45 secs.

Step 2: Put 80g butter, 1 tbsp of milk, 2 tbsps of sugar, 1/2 tbsp of salt, and sauced garlic, then mix them well. Later, you can add 1 tsp of thymes.

For the cream cheese

Step 1: Mix 4 4 pieces of cheese, 2 tablespoons of condensed milk, salt and 2 tablespoons of mayo by a whisk until we have a smooth and soft mixture.

Step 2: Put the mixture in the piping bag

Step 3: When the bread cools down, cut it into 6 pieces, but make sure that they still stick together. Then, spread the sauce all over the bread, pipe the cream cheese into it.

Step 4: Finally, bake them at 175oC in 6 mins.

Now, the delicious cream cheese garlic bread is ready for you to enjoy, and I hope you will like it!


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