It is A Big Yes to 12 Summer Makeup Trends in 2020

Before we start, I have to confess to you guys, my friends. Unlike most Coachella girls, I’m not a fan of summer. Like if you’re thinking of girls sitting in the darkroom with the air conditioner always on, it’s me. Therefore, summer this year with quarantine and stuff doesn’t bother me that much. However, even I cannot miss this chance to copy every trend that emerges on IG, why you? Below, we rounded up the top 12 summer 2020 makeup trends that pretty high chance you don’t want to miss. Keep scrolling and you’ll understand why.

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1. Neutral Basics for Summer 2020

Not all occasions are a good time for dramatic makeup looks, but you can always wear neutral basics tone. It’s like your go-to when you have too many options.

2. Summer Makeup TrendsPastel Lids for Summer 2020

Shimmery, shimmery. Don’t forget some coats of mascara to highlight the look.

3. Graphic Eyeliner for Summer 2020

More and more people fall down for these unique eyeliners. Give it a try.

4. Summer Makeup TrendsHot Pink Lips for Summer 2020

Of all summer 2020 makeup trends, pink lipsticks stay the longest. Who can beat this hot color?

5. Outer-Corner Eyeliner for Summer 2020

I can never be over this simple yet subtle makeup style.

6. Feathered Brows for Summer 2020

If you need a recommendation, we love Glossier Boy Brow and Benefit Gimme Brow for defined brows.

7. Summer Makeup TrendsPink Blush for Summer 2020

Just a few swipes of blushes create an effortlessly cute look.

8. White Eyeliner for Summer 2020

Gigi Hadid nailed this super straight lines with a white pencil. Now this graphic makeup trend blows up every corner on Instagram.

9. Dewy Skin for Summer 2020

I’ll tell you why you need dewy skin makeup in summer. WTH wants to go on a beach vacation with bold lips and dramatic eye makeup on?

10. Summer Makeup TrendsYellow Eyeshadow for Summer 2020

Yellow is a complement for summer. You even don’t need full makeup to shine. Just leave your face bare, some yellow lines on your lids are enough to brighten the others’ day.

11. Peachy Lids for Summer 2020

Pastel colors never go wrong, even in 2020. Paint your lids with all peachy colors if you love a soft and dreamy look. Tip: draw lower lines with white eyeliner can make your eyes look way brighter and bigger.

12. Holographic Smokey Eyes for Summer 2020

Extra girls don’t miss out on this dramatic makeup look!

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