I’ve Blown Away with 7 Pony Makeup’s Transformation Videos

If you are into makeup, there is a low chance that you’ve never heard the name “Pony syndrome”. Pony is well-known as the most famous Makeup artist in Korea. She first started as a Youtuber who is so good at makeup with all styles. Now she has gained more than 5 million subscribers and owns her own makeup brand called “Pony effect” (Shop here). When she doesn’t make videos chatting about K-beauty trends or show you how to craft a perfect shadow lip, she’s a globetrotting and shooting transformational looks (which is so shocking), transforming into a really convincing Taylor Swift. What I love about Pony is that she has English subtitles on every video that her fans can watch them and follow her tutorials despite their languages.

Below, we rounded up the 7 best Pony Makeup’s transformation videos that you may love. Check them out and make good use of the spare time you have during this quarantine!

1. Taylor Swift Transformation

When your love towards Taylor is too big to handle, why not turn yourself into her? The pony would help you to do that. Get yourself a blonde wig for an easy-win.

2. Pony Makeup’s Transformation – Kylie Jenner Transformation

The key to achieve Kylie’s look turns out to be the browns. You got the browns, you’ve been halfway through.

3. Apricot Makeup

Summer is all about peachy and pastel colors. Learn how to make them mix and match (and still look good).

4. Pony Makeup’s Transformation – Dreamy Spring Makeup

It’s never too late to wear this dreamy makeup. This is my favorite of all Pony makeup’s transformation videos.

5. Daily Makeup Tutorial

How to look good in your daily life but not too blended or dramatic? Pony shows you all of that.

6. Pony Makeup’s Transformation – Burgundy Makeup

If you are a fan of modern classic style, you’ll be impressed.

7. Edgy Instagram Makeup

Her purple ombre lip effect is all we want for a thousand-like Instagram pics.

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