Kylie Jenner Nail Designs That Become A Huge Influence

Kylie Jenner nail has become famous through time and she is always known as the head of the beauty trend. In the beauty world, everyone knows Kylie Jenner, one of the most influential celebrities, especially in beauty. In 2020, she is the top billionaire with $900 million net worth with her own beauty brand “Kylie Cosmetics” which is extremely famous. The 21-year-old celebrity also known to have glamorous nail designs. Her manicure becomes an inspiration for many girls and it’s a fact.

If you are wondering what manicure should you do today, maybe check out some designs from Kylie Jenner nail that will help you. Pick up the most gorgeous nail ideas to bring out the glorious 2020 right here.

Theme1-1 Kylie Jenner Nail Designs That Become A Huge Influence

French Tip Designs

French manicure has been famous for a long time, however, Kylie just brought it back to trend again. She knows how to nail this style by adding a rainbow pattern or leopard designs to make it stand out. Love it!

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Kylie Jenner Ombre Nails

Who doesn’t love this manicure? Sure that our famous celebrity knows very well these trendy nails and decides to have lots of different designs for her manicure. Ombre combines with long nails are fabulous.

Glitter Style

For a trendy woman as Kylie Jenner, glitter must be on her manicure list. And she always goes big with full glitter nails. With the different shapes of nails, she can make her nails become spot on and shiny.

Kylie Jenner Matte Nails

It’s classy but sassy and fabulous. If you are a simple and classic person, these nails from Kylie can be your perfect choice to blow up this 2020. Tons of matte colors for you or you just choose what she had, simple!

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Nails With Theme

From flower to butterfly and many designs, she did not go with one or two fingertips. She played with the whole nails to let her nails become a cute and beautiful pattern.

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