Ladder Shelf Ideas That Make Storage More Beautiful and Smarter

If you need a simple and clever place to store a lot of things in your house, an old ladder might be your option. Transforming that ladder into a ladder shelf and storing items on it are impressive and clever. This is the proof that an old, trash-like thing can recycle and become an artful and meaningful design. Wherever you put the shelf or whatever you put on it, the shelf is one of the best things to level up your place from good to great. This little shelf is perfect to add a special touch without putting any burden on the space.

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A Ladder Shelf is Basically Better than a Cabinet

Moreover, it is extraordinarily versatile. A steel or wooden ladder can be a rustic bookcase, a plant display, or a simple shelf to show your collection. Honestly, a ladder shelf is literally better than a traditional cabinet or a big glass shelf. One better side of a shelf from the old ladder is that you can save a lot of money spending on other kinds of shelves. In addition, you can make the shelf with your children or your friends to fasten your relationships. You both have a new shelf and have a stronger relationship. It’s a win-win situation.

Types of Ladder Shelves

There are 2 main types of ladder shelves which are leaning and stand-alone. A leaning ladder shelf needs to lean to the wall while a stand-alone one can stand by itself and is created from a step-ladder. Depending on their types, they can be used for storing and displaying several different things including books, vases, plants, cups, plates, pictures, and hundreds of other things. Let’s take a trip around our gallery to choose the best for you.

Ladder Shelf Ideas

1. For the Kitchen

2. For the Living Room

3. For the Bathroom

4. For the Bedroom

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