Lee Sung Kyung’s Makeup and 6 Tricks to Copy her Look

I am pleased to announce that the freshly-printed face of the K-Beauty brand, the newly-minting model of the moment boasts pouty pups and a delicate dewy complexion, which Garosu-Gil girls love everywhere and look at in person for a good half hours at the latest unveiling of Laneige’s Ion Orchard store. It’s not so hard to copy Lee Sung Kyung’s Makeup if you follow the 6 following tricks.

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1. Lee Sung Kyung’s Makeup – Invest in skincare

If you want a flawless makeup like hers, then invest your dollars in a good makeup set. In an interview, she said that she follows strictly 8 steps in Korean skincare to achieve that ageless look.

Sunscreen is a must. If you don’t apply sunscreen before going out, every the above makeup tips above will be in vain.

2. Give yourself a good rub down

Sung Kyung says that she massages in her skincare to detoxify and detoxify her way to a V-shaped face: “After each step, I use gentle tapping movements as I find that this really contributes to the contouring of my face.”

3. Indulge in some heavy “patting”

Want a long-lasting makeup without any chemical sprays? Use your damp fingertips or a makeup sponge to gently pat a couple of times on your face.

4. Lee Sung Kyung’s Makeup – Test first, buy later

This is a basic rule but many girls have skipped. Following this Lee Sung Kyung’s makeup trick, you won’t waste money on unsuitable products anymore.

5. Lips or eyes, not both

When it comes to K-beauty, the looks should be absolutely gorgeous yet natural.

6. Her #diediemustbuy beauty item?

The new Two-Tone Lip Bar of The Laneige is her secret.

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