Let’s Explore 22 Grandiose Iris Tattoo Designs and Meanings

The distinctive flora of the iris has a profoundly symbolic significance and a beautiful aspect. The importance of an iris tattoo is synonymous with the empire, the personification of the rainbow and the messenger of gods is most commonly attributed to the Greek goddess Iris.

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While every iris symbolizes royalty, wisdom, and bravery, its color variation inspires for each nuance a certain spiritual symbolism. Therefore, royalty is the common definition of a purple iris, but also wisdom, reverence, and compliments. A blue iris is a sign of hope and confidence, a yellow iris a pure and innocent expression of passion.

Let’s Explore 22 Grandiose Iris Tattoo Designs and Meanings

The flower of the iris often appears as represented by three petals, symbolizing intelligence, bravery, and faith; but the petal symbolizes the past, current, and future.

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As this bloom is so important, the message behind an iris tattoo can differ depending on the circumstances and the color of the flower selected. However, obviously, everyone can choose the tattoo design and make their own sense.

Select one of your favorites if you like flowers but do not want a traditional rose. This style is all irises and is personal and breezy thanks to the sketching structure and the large scale.

Scroll down for more grandiose iris tattoo designs. Pick one out as your favorite, save the picture to your phone. You’ll need that in your next appointment with your reliable tattooist!

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