Let’s Learn to Fold A Napkin in 10 Effortless Beautiful Ways

Do you want to impress the family members or your guest at the dinner table? Learn to fold a napkin. It is not only a costless and effortless decoration, but also very practical when people can tuck their utensils into it, or even show the menu. We rounded up 10 beautiful ways that you can fold a napkin.

1. Bow Tie Style

This cutie little bow napkin can make any food look delish. To create this figure, put a napkin on a flat position. Then, fold both sides so that they meet each other at the center. Fold horizontally to form a ribbon-shape. Secure it with a decorative string and attach a vintage tag and you’ll get it.

2. Angled Pocket Napkin Fold

If you want a versatile napkin in which you can tuck a menu, a card, or flatware. This angled pocket one is definitely your go-to.

3. Wrapped Napkin Fold

Choose the napkin whose color matches your plates to create the harmony of the set. Wrap the napkin around the plate after folding it into thirds and you’re done.

4. Four-Leaf Clover Style

Be creative and try out other unique shapes? Have you ever thought of making a leaf on your plate? Surprise the guests with your creativity!

5. Easter Bunny Napkin Fold

Easter bunny is the cutest way to fold napkins that I’ve ever known. Tip: a cute Easter egg is a plus!

6. Carrot Napkin Fold

For a start, you need to form a small square by folding the napkin into forth. Them, roll it and tie in the ends to secure.

7. Turkey Style

Thanksgiving feast is an occasion to try out vivid colors like red, yellow, and orange.

8. Christmas Tree Napkin Fold

Christmas cannot be fulfilled without a Christmas tree. Don’t forget to attach a star on top to make it even more real.

9. Dinner Roll Style

Sometimes simplicity is everything we need for a fancy and cozy dinner.

10. Envelope Napkin Fold

Why not make the meal even more special with some greetings on the cards. Your family must be so touched after reading it.

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