Living Room Rug Ideas That Will Make Your Welcome Fancy

When designing a living room, you usually forget about one important thing. That is a living room rug. You have settled on your color pallet, ideal sofa, and curtains, but forgot that the floor also needs caring. The rug plays a vital part in completing a space. Whether it covers the whole living room floor or just cover a small area, it can make a big difference.

A Rug Can Make a Big Difference

Although most interior designers consider rugs an important thing to complete a space, it only makes sense when it can actually transform a space. That means adding a rug to a room has to level up the beauty or the tone of the room. Several living room rug ideas can add color, texture, pattern, and even fancy factors throughout the space. The simple, unique item helps complete the living room totally.

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How to Choose the Right Size for Living Room Rug

The size of a rug might be important because it will affect the effectiveness of the rug. It’s not wise to choose too small or too big sizes. We recommend some selections for you with common room sizes. Of course, they’re not a standard. Consider which size will be best for your living room:

  • 5’ x 7’ room :  3’ x 5’ rug
  • 7’ x 10’ room :  5’ x 8’ rug
  • 10’ x 12’ room :  8’ x 10’ rug
  • 11’ x 14’ room :  9’ x 12’ rug
  • 14’ x 17’ room :  12’ x 15’ rug

How to Choose the Good Rug


There are plenty of materials you can choose from such as soft and luxurious fabric, all-natural seagrass or jute, bamboo, cotton, sisal, and wool. You also take care of whether the material can cause allergy to your family or not.


When choosing a living room rug, you should decide on the pile also. The pile is used to express how long carpet fibers are. Sometimes, pile depth is expressed in inches. If you’re lazy to frequently wash the rug, let choose a low pile rug.

Living Room Rug – Shape

There are three common shapes that you can apply. They are rectangular, square, and circular. Depending on the arranging way and the shape of your living room, you can find the best suitable.


Nowadays, there are a lot of designs that can show off your personality, hobbies, or even your lifestyle.

Living Room Rug – Color

Color is also an important factor. Because you cannot choose a rug that is not suitable for the whole tone of the room. It will cause some negative effects.

Let’s check these living room rug ideas to get inspiration.

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