Make Yourself Boo-tiful With Spooky And Fun Ghost Nail Designs

We’re rounding up our favorite ghost nail designs for Halloween finally here and on a Friday no less, for those who can’t wear a complete costume to work mid-week (and everyone else who appreciates a fun nail art moment). For the first few weeks of November, the looks ahead are easy to replicate, cute enough to rock, and a reminder that nail art is the best way to celebrate your favorite holiday.

Often, ghosts can sound a little scary, and sometimes they are cute. Ghost nail arts will slowly become popular with the advent of Halloween. To provide inspiration for your next manicure, we have compiled various kinds of ghost nail designs for you.

ghost-nail-designs29 Make Yourself Boo-tiful With Spooky And Fun Ghost Nail Designs

Fun And Festive Halloween Nails

Halloween nail art is the perfect excuse to get yourself out of wearing those dirty ears or that stupid hat for another time for the sake of a party or two. You should just show off your fabulous Halloween nail design instead if someone asks you where your costume is.

The best part is that to get a thumbs up from your family and friends, your Halloween nails don’t even need to be that scary. Like for the ghost nail designs, it could be spooky but cute at the same time.

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The Boo-tiful Ghost Nail Designs

Ghost, but make it minimal. On each finger in the mani below, you can start by creating some cute mini ghosts, using a sheer base color, and black and white polish to really make the ghosts pop. Or the ideal backdrop for the ghost mani is sparkly polish, featuring three distinct ghost designs on the nail. Mix it with various phrases, or select just one for a subtle yet enjoyable ghost manicure.

Wearing spooky skirts, flamboyant make-ups, and interesting nail art styles, surprise your friends. Ok, I’m putting Halloween designs before you today, painting the ghost faces on your nails in white or black colors and showing the Halloween streak on Halloween Day, October 31. Cheers, the whole way!

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