Eyeliner has played an important part in our makeup these days and winged eyeliner has been a popular style. However, there are a lot of mistakes that you may not know. So, today we are going to find out what they are in order to avoid making mistakes next time.   

1. Closing or pulling the eyes when drawing the winged eyeliner

When applying your eyeliner, some of you often pull or close your eyes. So, you will not be able to control how it looks once the skin has bounced back, or the skin on the lid is tensed differently when the eyes are closed. So, remember to be half-open without pulling it when applying eyeliner to see and control exactly how it’s going to look like.  

2. Mismatching between the eyeliner formula and your skin consistency

Different skin types and maturity levels require different eyeliner consistencies and techniques. For example,  the more mature your skin is, the less you can use very hard formulas like crayons or gel eyeliners.

So, if you’re going for sharp winged eyeliner, try to use liquid formulas with a dry matte finish and a small brush that does not require you to use any sort of pressure that would push the eyelid skin out of its natural place.

3. Lifting the winged eyeliner too early or too late

For liquid formula, if you lift your wing too early, you will make your eyes appear smaller. And if you lift it too late you might end up looking like a sad Widow. So, the best place to start lifting your wing is right at the outer corner of your eyes to  look natural without appearing too short or too long

4. Applying too much quickly

If you apply it too quickly in one go, it will turn out terrible. Then, you have to correct it and you will worsen it. So, instead of applying it in a hurry and needing to correct it, why don’t we take time to draw it and build the shape that we want with small strokes on each side.

5. Ignoring the eye and lid shape

There are hundreds of different eye and lid shapes like almond eyes, hooded eyes, round eyes, upturned, and monolid eyes. So, the eyeliner really needs to suit your eye shape. In contrast,  the chances of looking worse afterward are very big.

For example,  for hooded eyes, they don’t have a lot of space for a prominent black line. So, people with this kind of eye shape may want to rather line their upper waterline and add the wing on the outer corner.

Hooded eyelids should go for thin eyeliner while thick strokes will make a better result for thick eyelids.

7. Having too much product on the inner corners

This tip might not apply to people with extreme cat eyes but for most people having a very thick black stroke on the inner corners of your eyes. You should start to draw from the outer corners and then to build up the thickness backward until you’ve reached the inner corners. Then, continue the line with small and steady strokes to make sure the line stays thin and subtle in the inner corner

8. Curling lashes or adding fake eyelashes too soon

You need to absolutely make sure that all the parts of your winged eyeliner are completely dry before doing anything else. So, curling your lashes or adding fake eyelashes or mascara can cause the liner to smudge in which case you have the problem of correction fake eyelashes

9. Using  dried up product

      You should check your product for winged eyeliner whether it’s dried out or does not contain enough products. If this is a problem, all you need is to buy a new one.

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